What You Need to Know About the Permission to Study Stamp

What is Permission to Study?

The Permission to Study (PTS) is an endorsement stamp on the student’s passport issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department allowing the holder to study at his/her selected school

Who is eligible to apply for Permission to Study?

Children of expatriates who are less than 18 years of age, and holding a valid Dependent Pass can apply for PTS

What documents are required to apply for Permission to Study?

The following documentation is required for a PTS application:

  • A Permission to Study letter from the school addressed to the Malaysian Immigration Department where the Dependent Pass was issued.
  • Student’s passport (original and copy)
  • Parent’s passport (original and copy)
  • A letter from the parent’s hiring company to support the application
  • Student Personal Data form, which can be obtained from the Immigration office

Which authority issues the Permission to Study?

Similar to the Dependent Pass, the PTS is issued by the Expatriate Services Division of the  Malaysian Immigration Department

How long is the Permission to Study stamp valid for?

The validity of the Permission to Study will follow the validity of the Dependent Pass

If the Dependent Pass is cancelled, what will happen to the Permission to Study?

Normally, the PTS will cancel automatically as the PTS follows the validity of the Dependent Pass

If I have further questions/inquiries, whom should I call?

If you have any questions/inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at immigration-kl@pathfinder-relocation.com or call +603 79325268