Quality Policy

Quality is an integral part to all our working practices. We believe that it is critical to the success of our business. To this end, the company has implemented a Quality Management System that adheres to the standards set forth in ISO 9001 and the EuRA Global Quality Seal Standards.

Based on the ISO 9001 process management model, the EuRA Global Quality Seal specifies the processes and KPIs that reflect the very highest standards in relocation services. As a member which has been awarded and re-certified the Eura Global Quality Seal since 2009, Pathfinder Relocation Services demonstrates a total commitment to Quality.

The key elements of our approach to Quality are based on the following principles:

  • Our professional and caring team of consultants are committed to offering the highest standards of Quality in the relocation industry. Our aim is always to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.
  • The Directors and Managers are committed to maintaining compliance with all statutory, regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements.
  • We provide an internal environment in which our employees and all interested parties understand, support and implement the company’s policies and objectives and are able to perform their duties effectively through ongoing training and development.
  • Our individual processes are structured into a documented Quality Management System which meets the EuRA Global Quality Seal Standards, and are reviewed periodically to ensure that they remain relevant and effective.
  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of the delivery of our services, and have set clear objectives to monitor our progress towards their successful achievement.
  • Periodic system audits and staff reviews are undertaken to ensure standards are maintained and opportunities for improvements sought.