Public Transport in Malaysia

Public transport in Malaysia, and more specifically in the Klang Valley is largely a hit and miss affair. On one hand, Malaysia has modern and relatively well-maintained transportations, but the often-wide issue with it is its integration for the public.

Prasarana Malaysia Berhad is the main player in the industry as it has a near-monopoly of all the major public transport systems in Malaysia with its major subsidiaries being Rapid KL and Rapid Penang.


The main artery for the rakyat (common people), the bus industry has grown by leaps and bounds and covers all the major roads and areas in Malaysia. In the Klang Valley itself, there are hundreds of busses running throughout the different areas.

The main bus companies plying its route in the Klang Valley are Rapid KL and Metrobus. Fares are very cheap, however the bus ride would most probably be very congested and be forewarned to be aware of your belongings as pickpockets are not uncommon.


The train system can be considered the oldest and the newest form of transport for Malaysians. This is because Malaysia has a long history of trains ever since the first tracks were laid in 1885. From there on, the railway was a major transport tool for Malaysians who wished to travel the breadth of the country from Perlis to Johor Bahru. With the advent of the highway however, it has lost a lot of its lustre.

The KL metro rail system was established in the 1990’s and has become a major transport system for urbanites. It is very well linked and the trains and coaches are well maintained.

If you wish to move about in KL, we would recommend this form of travel highly.


Taxis are one of the most convenient ways to travel around KL by public transportation. Taxis are relatively affordable and easily available. However, the reputation of the Malaysian taxi service has been marred by the poor conduct of a number of local taxi drivers, who have been known to refuse using the meters and sometimes overcharging on the fares.

An alternative option is to use secure a ride with an e-hailing service provider.


Somewhat similar to the popular e-hailing app Uber (service no longer available in Malaysia), Grab is considered to be the most efficient way to get around the major cities in Malaysia. Well maintained cars and warm welcoming drivers make your journey to your destination a little more comfortable and relaxing. 

Apart from Grab, there are other e-hailing service providers, such as MyTeksi, MyCar, Mula, EzCab, Ryde and Riding Pink (driven by women, for women only), all offering affordable fares for your commute.

Written by: Shawn, Consultant at Pathfinder Relocation Services