Melaka is must visit simply for the historical value of the city that was once a world destination in the 1500s. Traders from Arab, China, India and Portugal traded along the port of Melaka. Many settled in Melaka which gave rise to the diversity in communities.

Today you can find communities from Malay, Chinese, Indians to Baba Nyonya, Kristang, Chitty and Eurasians living in the historical city. The unique Malaccan culture of Dondang Sayang is recognized by UNESCO.


Tourists flock to the various museums in Melaka. Some of these museums include the Chitty Museum, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Cheng Ho Museum, Stamp Museum, Maritime Museum, Aborigines Museum, Kite Museum and Malacca Sultanate Palace Museum. Visitors to Melaka also never leave before seeing the A Famosa, a famous fort from the 16th century near the beach, and the Dutch architecture including the red-walled Christ Church.