Furniture Rental

When you come back to your new home in your relocation process, it is always comforting to be in a place that is peaceful and stress-free. Basically, you want your new home to feel, well like home.

For those who have experienced commuting all over the world, after a while every hotel room looks the same no matter if you’re in New York or Jakarta. The main reason for this is due to the fact that the furniture used are basically similar. This is where the ability to choose your own furniture for your new home makes all the difference.

Although it is possible to get a fully-furnished accommodation, the ability to decorate your new home according to your taste makes renting furniture a good pay-off. Although you can purchase brand new furniture when you arrive, the initial cost plus the time needed to go to a shop, select what you want, wait for the delivery and installation, and the stress to maintain the furniture can be costly.

Furniture rentals aim to cover that gap by providing these positives:

Investment Expense

Renting involves minimal initial investment; it releases funds other purchases.

Less Worry

You may want to bring your own furniture from your home country but things like the humidity changes, accidental damage during shipping, time taken, and customs clearance process are a hassle to deal with

Furniture rental provides an easy alternative the furniture will be collected at your departure.


Warranties and maintenance service can be arranged.

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Written by: Jeremy, Relocation Consultant at Pathfinder Relocation Services