Driving in Malaysia

Driving in Malaysia is quite a stress-free experience as Malaysia has one of the best road systems in Southeast Asia and the fellow drivers are quite law-abiding when it comes to their driving manners.

The minimum legal age in Malaysia to drive a car is 17 and 16 for a motorcycle. A comprehensive training programme is implemented for those who wish to obtain their driving licence.

Below are the steps needed for anyone looking to apply for a driving licence (same for locals and expats):

  1. Form JPJ L1
  2. NRIC / Passport (original / copy).
  3. Certificate for the 6-hour Theory and Practical Course (JPJL2B).
  4. Designated Driving Test Card JPJL3.
  5. Certificate / Test Result Slip for Part 1.
  6. 1 colour photo (25 mm x 32 mm).
  7. JPJ L2B Certificate exemption letter (if you already have a Class B2 Driving License).

Some of the recognised driving schools to register with are http://metrodriving.com.my/en/ & http://www.sdc.com.my/Welcome.html.

It is recommended however to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) before you arrive in Malaysia. Do note however that an IDP is only valid for a year and you would need to return to your country to get it renewed.

Another option to legally drive in Malaysia is to use your existing country’s driving licence. If it is not in English or Malay, it would need to be translated by an authorised translator. Terms and conditions differ based on the country the driving licence originates from but you can contact us for clarification.

As with all Commonwealth countries, Malaysians drive on the left hand side of the road. Traffic laws are based on international standards but you may find comprehensive information here, http://www.agc.gov.my/Akta/Vol.%207/Act%20333.pdf.

Although driving in Malaysia is quite safe, it is always best to be aware of your surroundings as crime like snatch thieves are prevalent especially in the city centres. By practicing defensive driving measures, you can be assured of a pleasant driving experience in Malaysia.

Written by: Jeremy, Relocation Consultant at Pathfinder Relocation Services