Car Rental

Moving about in Malaysia without a car can be frustrating what more with inefficient public transport and waiting hours under the hot sun or drenching rain. The best way to travel in Malaysia is by using a private vehicle.

For expatriates, though purchasing a car can seem to be a better option, the prices of brand new cars or even second-hand cars can be a considerable cost. This is especially true for foreign cars as the government places high taxes on these vehicles. Car rentals then come into the picture as there are quite a few car rental companies in the Klang Valley.

Car rentals provide you a lower initial cost plus the option to upgrade your car to a newer one as the year progresses. You can be rest assured that the car you are renting is in good condition and all the paperwork is properly maintained.

There is a huge range of vehicles that can be rented out depending on your budget – from A-segment mini cars all the way to F-segment luxury cars. From Fiestas to the S-Class, your choices are endless.

Below are the benefits of renting compared to buying a vehicle:

  • Lower initial cost
  • No worries – insurance, road tax, repairing and maintenance all taken care of
  • Complimentary spare car during vehicle servicing, accident & breakdown
  • Limitless distance and open access into Malaysia
  • Courtesy 24-Hour breakdown assistance in Malaysia
  • 24-hour call centre to assist you
  • Driving amenities such as GPS, DVD Players and Child Seats
  • Cost-saving on administration, maintenance and others cost
  • Ease on Disposal of car
  • Let you focus on your work

If you wish to go down this route, feel free to contact us at Pathfinder Relocation Services and we will more than happy to assist.

Written by: Jeremy, Relocation Consultant at Pathfinder Relocation Services