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Our Mission

Our mission is to welcome each relocating expatriate into the Pathfinder family. To ensure that each move is made that little bit easier, and that each need is catered for by a team of highly ethical and caring consultants.

Our Story

Pathfinder Relocation Services is a multi-award winning and well recognised Relocation Company with extensive experience successfully moving expatriates in and out of Malaysia since 2001.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of all aspects relating to the relocation process guarantees a seamless experience.

Through our global network, we have assisted with over 3,000 relocations to more than 100 countries worldwide and act as your stepping stone to opportunities across the globe.

Pathfinder’s success has been based on the magic of a unique personal formula following the example set by our founder, Triona Chelliah. We believe in ongoing support all the way through to the end of the assignment, and our team develop a close working relationship with our clients and their international employees to ensure that all their needs are catered for, including the unusual and the unexpected.

Our team comes with that unique ‘Pathfinder’ blend of professional, ethical, and caring values, ensuring we live up to the Pathfinder promise of “Relocation Made Easy!”


Our Area of Operation

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We take pride in what we do and we do it with a positive spirit. If you like helping people settle into Malaysia and would like to work with us, drop us a line!

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