5 Good Reasons To Move To Malaysia!

(Just in case you don’t already know!)

Malaysia has been growing in increasing popularity as a tourist destination and the host country for expatriate staff who now choose to take up their assignments in Malaysia for many good reasons:

 An Unique Offering in Diversity 

Malaysia is a truly multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society where the three main Malaysian races live in harmony and tolerance towards each other. Each of the ethnic groups has thus maintained their unique cultural and religious lifestyles and traditions thus contributing to this unique diversity in our offerings of an abundance of food, flavours, colours, architecture, handicrafts, traditions etc.

Malaysian cuisine is world-renowned for its variety and excellence. Malay, Chinese and Indian food is available everywhere, and food from all over the world can be found in restaurants and hotels in the main urban centres. Some of the best food can be bought very cheaply at roadside stalls and small restaurants and cafes, and hygiene is generally good.

English is Widely Spoken and Religions are Freely Practiced 

Although Malaysians are schooled in the Malay language, many speak English and are very conversant in it. Also, in most major cities and towns expatriate communities or enclaves have sprung up to cater specially for this growing community. In Kuala Lumpur, Mont Kiara, Bangsar, Bangsar South, Damansara Heights, Kenny Hills and Ampang are the expat hotspots with peripheral facilities and infra-structure springing up to cater for these needs.

Also, there is freedom of religion and religious practices although the main religion in Malaysia is Islam. Churches, temples and other places of worship of the mainstream religions enjoy freedom of belief and practice unencumbered by major restrictions.

Good Health Services & Health Tourism

Health services are efficient and relatively inexpensive. In recent years the number of international standard private hospitals throughout the country has increased dramatically. All doctors speak very good English and most specialist doctors (and many family practitioners) were educated overseas in Australia, India, Russia, Ireland or Great Britain. Private hospitals and medical practices are clean and well run, there is a comprehensive range of specialists available and you can be confident of the medical care that will be provided to you and your family.

International Schools

A number of excellent International Schools and private tertiary colleges are available in Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang. Various curriculums are available including British, American, Australian, French, German, Japanese, Indian and Indonesian. There is no shortage of education options for children. However if possible, this decision should be made prior to the final move as places are limited.

Tropical Climate and Endless Local Vacation Treats

Malaysia’s climate is tropical and with year-round sunshine. When the country is not experiencing rainfall from the monsoon winds, it can be quite hot and humid during the day but in most homes, offices and shopping centres, air-conditioning provides the welcome respite. Outdoors, the weather is very suited for sports and games that can be conducted throughout the year.

Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of vacation and adventure treats – the natural rainforests, pristine beaches, wildlife, unspoilt countryside, mountain retreats and more.

Written by: Jeremy, Relocation Consultant at Pathfinder Relocation Services